Meet Nibble! She is sure to melt your heart with her sweet and happy personality. She is very playful and will make a great family. Nibble  will arrive home vaccinated, vet checked, and has a one year health guarantee. Shipping is available. Both of her parents are very loyal. Her mother has OFA certificates and her grandparents were champions in Serbia. Call or text today.


Pure Breed English Bulldog Puppies for Sale

Pure Breed English bulldog  puppies for sale More traits and characteristics of the English Bulldog If I was considering an English Bulldog, I would be most concerned about…

  1. Stubbornness. Despite their sweetness, most English Bulldogs are very stubborn. You must show them, through absolute consistency, that you mean what you say. On the plus side, once Bulldogs mature, they seldom get into real trouble.
  2. Possible animal aggression. Most Bulldogs get along very well with other pets in the family. However, some Bulldogs may act aggressively toward other dogs of the same sex. And some Bulldogs do not get along with cats.
  3. Shedding. Bulldogs shed more than you might think! Their short, coarse hairs stick tenaciously to your clothing and furnishings.
  4. Bulldog sounds. Though they don’t bark much, English Bulldogs are far from silent. Because of their deformed face, they go through life snorting, snuffling, wheezing, grunting, and snoring loudly. Some people find these sounds nerve-wracking; others find them endearing. I’m sure if it was up to the dog to choose, he would prefer to breathe normally.
  5. Slobbering. Most people are not prepared for how much English Bulldogs slobber and drool, especially after eating or drinking.
  6. Gassiness (flatulence). All short-faced breeds gulp air when they eat, and that air has to go somewhere, after all. However, commercial diets make flatulence worse by including fibrous or hard-to-digest ingredients. Bulldogs who are fed a homemade diet of real meat and vegetables have much less trouble with gassiness.


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