Jayde is an adorable little Bernese Mtn. Dog puppet.  She loves to meet new people and will make a great family dog.  She was born to very good parents. Her mother has  certificates. Jayde will arrive home vaccinated, vet checked, and has a one year health guarantee. Shipping is also available.



English bulldog  puppies for sale in Adelaide

English bulldog puppies for sale in Adelaide you are the right place. Bulldog puppies ready for the new forever home  microchip vaccinated vet checked and wormed great with kids.

Feeding Your English Bulldog Puppy

1 Talk To Your Breeder

Ask your breeder for a nutrition sheet showing you the food he’s been feed, at what quantity and how often. Usually your breeder will give you enough food to slowly transition your puppy into his new diet.

#2 Slowly Switch To New Food

You will need to transition your new pup slowly off of his breeder’s chosen diet. Find him an organic, all natural, high protein food (to aid in muscle, bone and joint growth) and check the Nutritional Adequacy Statement on the back of the package to ensure this food is formulated for puppies.

#3 Determine How Much He Should Eat

Keep in mind that feeding guidelines are just a starting point and you’ll need to find your bulldog’s optimal food consumption by trial and error and by observing his body weight.

#4 Decide How Often To Feed Your Bulldog Puppy

Your new puppy will need to eat 2-3 times per day but do not leave his food out for him because this usually results in overeating and every extra pound of body weight puts 50 lbs. of pressure on his developing joints, muscles and bones.

#5 Add Extras To SuperCharge Your Bulldog Puppy’s Diet 

Adding 1 tablespoon of yogurt with probiotics to each meal will aid in bone growth and digestive health and most bulldogs love the taste. Low sugar, plain yogurt is the best type for Bulldog puppies.



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