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Meet Wrangler being a lovable English bulldog puppy who’s ready to take on the world. Wrangler sports a family-oriented personality and carries a beautiful coat. In addition, Wrangler will arrive family raised, healthy, and vet checked. We’ve poured ourselves into raising this little gem and promise you a puppy coming from parents of sweet and charming personalities. If you’re browsing puppies for sale in Queensland/Australia, be sure to check out this charming little pup. We are experienced in shipping and can arrange details to get your puppy safely home. We take pride and joy in raising high quality dogs.


  • Vet Checked
  • SEX:  Male
  • Up to Date Vaccinations
  • Health Certificate
  • Health Guarantee
  • Champion Bloodlines
  • Child Friendly
  • Pet Friendly
  • Cat Friendly
  • Dog Friendly


English/British bulldog puppies for sale in Queensland.

English/British Bulldog puppies for sale in Queensland. why us? simply because We’ve poured ourselves into raising this little gem and promise you a puppy coming from parents of sweet and charismatic personalities. Wrangler being lovable who’s ready to take on the world. you will be lucky if you choose him.

Be a responsible dog owner

Like all worthwhile things in life, owning a dog involves responsibilities as well as pleasures. The pleasures are obvious, and the responsibilities, not just to the dog but also to other people and the environment, need to be considered.

where can I find an English Bulldog Puppies for Sale in Queensland?

Ask your vet, visit dog shows, or contact local breed clubs to get recommendations on good local dog breeders. The AKNC also offers breeder referrals for all the recognized breeds. And of course, if you know anyone with a fabulous dog, ask where she got the pup.

How to  feed  your puppy General guidelines suggest:

  • 20-70 calories per pound of body weight, depending on a dog’s activity level but since bulldogs are quite sedentary and extremely vulnerable to obesity, your dog will most likely require less than what’s recommended. you  can read more on wiki how 
  • Monitor your dog’s weight and activity level and make necessary adjustments as needed.

Feed your puppy on a regular schedule. You should feed it three times a day on a regular schedule for the first four months after arrival. At 6 months you can start to cut back to 2 times a day and at 12 months you can cut it back further, to once a day.




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