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Name: Jane

Sex: Female

Age: 10 Weeks Old

Breed: British Bulldog Puppy

Registration: ANKC




Cheap English Bulldog Puppies for Sale  

Cheap English Bulldog Puppies for Sale. British Bulldog Puppies for Sale. English Bulldogs have been locked in my heart & have been a large part of my family most of my life. We don’t just breed & show our bulldogs, we LOVE them like our own children. Our goal in breeding is to improve the breed & to achieve the highest quality English Bulldog puppies possible. In doing this we breed from the best Champion Bulldog bloodlines in the World. We spare no expense in working with famous English Champion, World Champion and International Champion Bloodlines. We also perform OFA health certification testing on our adult English Bulldogs and we avoid inbreeding or close linebreeding to insure the best health possible!

Type is very important to us! We only breed very short, thick, stocky, heavily wrinkled English Bulldogs! We work for big, beautiful heads and wonderful temperaments. We do not like tall Bulldogs! We do temperament and health screening on each English Bulldog puppy before it goes home. Our English Bulldog puppies are hand raised & socialized with children.


British Bulldog Puppies for Sale

For new homes: Our English Bulldog puppies are very loved and we work very very hard for our bully babies… If you are interested in a Versace Bulldog puppy you will need to fill out contact form. Each English Bulldog puppy is extremely special to us and we prefer that our bulldog puppies go to very loving pet homes on spay & neuter contracts. Most of our English Bulldog puppies are show potential quality! The only difference between a show quality English Bulldog and a pet quality English Bulldog is that they comes closer to meeting the standards set out for the English Bulldog breed. So a show quality Bulldog is just basically closer to being what every Bulldog should be; looks, temperament etc… We strive for perfection and that is why most of our Bulldog puppies are show potential quality. We want them to represent the Breed well and for the new owners to be very happy and satisfied with their Bulldog.


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